Lotus flower meaning in Christianity

Lotus Flower meaning in Christianity

What is lotus flower and what does it mean in Christianity

Flowers carry diverse meaning in different context particularly when it comes to religion. As for the early Christians flowers were regarded with great suspicion and associated with the decadent pagans. The lotus flower, for example, has a lot of religious beliefs and history that surround it.  The symbol alone has one of the most significant religious symbols in Egyptian history. It is used as one of the symbols of art in Ancient Egypt where it represents the symbol of rebirth, creation and the sun. It is also associated with the sun God called Atum-Ra in ancient Egypt. The symbol also has an association with the god of perfume called Nefertum.

The common name for Lotus flower is the water lily. It has the characteristic of opening in the morning and closing during the night.  This characteristic symbolizes regeneration and rebirth. In addition, the symbols are used in depicting the deceased once they get to the underworld. The lotus flower grows in muddy waters and rises through the murky waters to bloom into a beautiful pink and white flower. It signifies strength as it moves from the dark into the light. It also symbolizes inner strength in that it shows the determination to come out of difficulties. The very delicate flowers are also used for decoration in ceremonies and events in that it fills the atmosphere with positivity and natural fragrance. Let’s find out more about the lotus flower meaning in Christianity next.

Lotus flower symbols

The beautiful lotus flower symbolizes growth and commitment since the pleasant flower acts as a symbol of purity as it comes out clean from the muddy pond. It has different meanings attached to it in diverse cultures. Lotus flower basically is a blend of beauty, determination, and courage. It has been used to compare a female’s eye in a good deal of poetry.

Lotus flower and Christianity

The Lotus flower meaning in Christianity has more than one explanation. The lotus flower mainly represents fertility and piousness. The lily flower replaces lotus in Christianity and is related to Mary in the bible who is regarded as the queen of paradise. Just like in many ancient belief systems the lotus represents the ideas of creation, enlightenment or spiritual cleansing and even resurrection of life. The bible, however, has this one isolated reference in the book of Job to the lotus. The book seems to indicate that the lotus doesn’t seem to have any form of spiritual significance with the religion of Christianity.

Churches in India often display an empty cross that is sitting on a lotus flower known as the cross of Saint Thomas. Tradition claims that Thomas the disciple shared the good news of the resurrection of Jesus with the people of Asia and the cross reflects the rise of Christianity.

The actual meaning of Lotus Flower in relation to Christianity

Just as the behemoth hides itself in beneath the lotus and conceals itself so does the shadows and more possibly some hidden spiritual connections that can be made between the sacred lotus flower meaning in Christianity.

Before even considering the possible connections, it should first be noted that followers of Christianity do not assign mystical powers to the natural world. Christians generally do not believe the fact that lotus innately contains any divine properties.

The bible is very strict in elevating creations of the world above or even equal to the creator. The objects of nature are never inherently sacred but are rather the purpose for which the subject is used that makes it holy or set it apart as spiritual instruments as well as symbols of worship. The bible instead claims that the material elements of the world point to as well as reveal to us the various aspects of God’s divine nature.

Sinful people are often monstrous at heart and are incapable of taming the beast that hides in the muddy mire of sin, however, God can. The lotus flower can in the same way hide the behemoth. The lily of the valley which symbolizes Jesus hides our massive beast like the body of sin as he covers us in the shadows of the cross of his love.

Just like the Padma which possesses the ability to remove any form of toxins without contaminating its own systems so is the way Jesus purifies our imperfections and impurities. The other connection between Lotus and Jesus is the fact that Lotus seed has the ability to live for over a thousand years and can be resurrected after a period of stasis. It is also interesting to consider the fact that the roots of the lotus plant can reach depths of up to six feet below the surface of the water which happens to be the standard depth of most graves. The bulb of the watery grave rises up for three days before it blooms. This is very perfect and parallel to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Lotus flower uses

Lotus is a symbol used in art especially for tattoos and jewelry.  It has become a common trend to wear a lotus symbol just like showing you are cool. As much as this may be the thought process of the younger generation the significance and meaning of lotus flower are much more than just a mere fashion statement.


There is a lot of jewelry that comes with the lotus symbol which includes the lotus flower bracelet and lotus flower necklace. The advantages of wearing a lotus flower symbol are the fact that it helps you stay calm. Wearing one brings in a sense of devotion and commitment hence aiding you to reach your goals. It helps one to become dedicated and think constructively.

Having a lotus symbol on your body means that you don’t need to worry about the negative forces that might try to harm you. Apart from the physical and mental wellness wearing a lotus symbol is believed to invoke Gods luck hence rest assured of prosperity and long life. Wearing lotus jewelry also strengthens the inner you and invokes spiritual feelings. It also makes one feel complete with positivity.


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