Blue jay feather meaning

Blue jay feather meaning

Blue Jay: Bird Feather meaning and Symbolism

What does blue jay feather mean? Blue Jay is one of the most colorful birds that have a typical appearance and song. This little bird is native to North America and got its name for its blue plumage. In Latin, it is meant as “Gaius,”- which means gay or merry. The person is expected to be very lucky who found a feather of blue jay bird which is blue with white lower parts and chest, as it is said to have mystical powers. Every bird feather has a different meaning. They pass the simple message, and it is believed by ancient Cherokee Indians that if any person came across a blue jay feather, the finder should first soak it in the water and then brush it over a child’s eye so that He would become an early riser. Well, there is a variety of blue jay feather meaning each different from one another. This little blue bird has exceptional speaking abilities, which can mimic some other bird’s sounds and also the voice of humans.

Significance of Blue Jay Feather

The person who came across blue jay feather, it signifies that He is traveling into his time of life where he needs to understand his power, as to how to weld it. It is then that they will experience blue jay feather power of healing.

The other significance of this blue jay feather is, it is said to turnaround something that is not happening for a long time. Which means it is going to bring change in your life to let things get much better!

Also, the feather is said to possess supernatural powers. Hence, they are symbolized as the power of healing when coming in contact with the person who is suffering from any ailments. Whatever is happening let it happen and wait for some time. See how magically it restores everything in your life, be it your body, mind or spirit.

Feather Symbolism of Blue Jay Bird

Each bird is unique concerning its features and body color. Likewise, their feathers help them get differentiated by other birds which symbolize peace, purity, and truce. The feather symbolism differs from bird to bird, which is unique as they start spreading their magic to heal the person who is in need of wisdom. Therefore, birds are directly linked with Spirit that brings divine messages such as the feather of Blue Jay Bird which are known to symbolize the power of healing that protects the family at any cost.

Author Ted Andrews in the book Animal Speak talks about the significance of the feathers and various parts of the bird.

Here is my take to help you understand Feather parts and their symbolism:

  • Outer Feathers: Also known as contour feathers that are visible at the outermost part of the body of a bird. These feathers are visible to us from far, which help wicking water and stand to be very colorful. They are meant to bring protection and self-appreciation.
  • Down Feathers: These feathers are bit fluffy and soft to give warmth to the bird. They are ideal for protecting spirituality and achieve comfort.
  • Wing Feathers: These feathers, scientifically known as remiges are stiff when compared to the others and give support to the bird during its flight. They are best to send thought or prayer to another or to the Spirit, which extends full support.
  • Other Feathers: Apart from the above-listed feathers the bird possesses few more feathers such as bristles, below the contour feathers (after feathers), border feathers (coverts), and tail feathers (rectrices). If you are interested in knowing more about these feather types, then read the animal speak book written by Ted Andrews.

How feathers are spiritually attached?

  1. Now that you learned the meaning of Blue Jay Bird feather and its significance let’s get into detail how they are spiritually attached. Blue is a universal color that is a hot favorite of boys and pink for girls. Similarly, the blue jay bird is also blue, which is related to communication that truly matches with the throat chakra. Be confident to speak anything without hesitating how good your speech is. Let the people listen to you and feel precise that is going on. Few people will admire you and take a stand to get inspired by you. It helps you gain trust for all the possibilities which can happen in your life and help you achieve your dreams.
  2. In the spiritual realm, the blue jay bird feathers are meant to offer clarity and vision. This little bird is thus well known and admired for both visual/spiritual “blue on blue” concept that speaks about the purity of the soul, the truth of the heart, and clarity of thought. Hence, they can bring light and joy in the darkest phases by unblocking the things which are blocking your path to spread your wings.
  3. Feel blessed if you found the blue jay bird feather in your path as they are best known for a sign of communication, peace, and protection. The blue jay is that spirit animal that represents endurance and strength. This little bird usually builds its nests on oak trees which are very tall and robust. They also symbolize longevity and durability. Therefore, if you happen to choose a blue jay bird as your spirit animal, it means that you are now capable of enduring many difficult situations coming in your way or your life.


Did you now get an idea of what is meant by Blue Jay? How its feather brings luck and charm to t is one, who viewed them in mid of their path. Blue Jay is a little bird that is well known as a spirit animal that nests on the oak tree, which represents endurance and strength. The blue feathers of this bird are vibrant and have the power of healing. They symbolize the sign of communication, peace, and protection. This bird has excellent speech abilities that can mimic any bird and the human voice, is also famous for its typical song.