Bullet Point Symbol

Bullet Point Symbol

Bullet points: Ideal to highlight your writing

What are Bullet Points? The bullet is a symbol that is used to introduce items in the list, and Bullet points are formed by inserting bullet symbols that are great to categorize things, topics, and ideas in short. They are ideal for drawing the attention of readers to specify some points in your writings. Dot or Arrow is the most commonly used bullet point symbol to highlight essential points in your text. Now they are available to copy and paste from the table on top of Word Docs.

What is the need to insert this keyboard/typing bulletpoint symbol?

These bullet symbols are great to add to make your content look more informative and highlight the critical content in your writing. One can also use their circle symbol text when using the keyboard of desktop and laptop. All you have to do is use the ALT key on your keyboard and then type the number of desired symbols you require. In an HTML document always try using Unicode bullet symbols or else you can also copy-paste their characters. The bullet points are nothing but highlighted with symbols available in different shapes, such as a Dot symbol (•), Square, Diamond, Arrow, Bullet symbol, etc. If you are looking for something different, choose the typical word processor software that offers you a wide selection of shapes and colors.

How effective are they to include in your write-ups?

You can best type a bullet point on Windows using the bullet alt code. You can also insert a dot symbol using various systems that work on Windows using the “Alt” key. The other way to add them is by holding down the “Alt” key on your keyboard and then type the number of bullet alt codes to highlight important points. The primary function of the bullet points is they are used to introducing something interesting in the list in a document or presentation. The person who wants to modify their writing needs to type the bullet symbol, or using different codes on Windows and the “Alt” key they can also find a dot symbol. The other alternative is to add these symbols in your write-up by typing one on a Mac or find one in the Windows or Mac character map tools.

The bullet symbols are available in a variety of shapes, like Arrow, diamond, square, or circular. Benefit the typical word processor software that allows you to insert your favorite bullet symbol from a wide range of shapes and colors. However, in typography, bullet symbols are great for introducing new items in a list. For example:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3


  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3



How to add Bullet Point Symbol using the Alt Key?

  1. If you are using a Windows device, you need to press on the Alt Key with a combination of other keys or else go with the Windows Character Map. Both of them allow you to place symbols, diacritical marks, accents, and bullets to make your document look impressive and easy to read. It is ideal to go with Alt-key combination or the Character map, as they ease the user task to copy and paste in different applications.
  2. Transform your documentation and presentation using these bullet points, which give you a glimpse of critical points right to content without the need to go through while writing. They are ready to type using various codes by pressing the “Alt” key tab on the Windows keyboard by typing the bullet alt code, which is 0149 by pressing on the numeric keypad numbers, otherwise go with the Mac character map tools for which you need to press 8 with the Alt key. Hence, they are easy to get when working on a laptop.
  3. The alternative method to access the bullet point symbol is using the software tools when your device doesn’t have the numeric keypad. For example, Microsoft Word automatically creates a bulleted list when you start writing a line of text using the asterisk symbol, “*,” which is also visible on the keyboard of any desktop or laptop.
  4. However, if you are looking to introduce this bullet symbol in your Excel sheet, then you are supposed to click on the Insert tab present on the ribbon menu, soon you can see the logo. The other way to get these bullet points is by typing the character code such as 2022 and input in the dialog box and then click insert. Isn’t it simple! Just click on the close tab once you get your symbol.
  5. When you are required to edit something on the HTML web page, you can get started to prepare your bulleted list using the HTML tag; it stands for an unordered list, and from here, follow the steps to get the bullet points. The bullet symbols vary according to the system or the program on which they run. In case you are unable to get the symbols on your device screen, then you can go with one online and copy the logo you want to introduce in your document.

What is the advantage of inserting bullet points in your writing?

Though the bullet point symbol appear as small symbol when inserted in your text, they add style and design to your writing. There might be some instances when you wanted to enter a bullet in the mid of a sentence or a particular line of text. For example, if you are looking to insert them to highlight Advantages and Disadvantages or Pros and Cons related to the topic, then you need to hold down the Alt key and typing its Unicode. The other simple way to insert these bullets is to get the graphical symbols. They are easy to copy and paste to meet all your bullet needs.


Does a Bullet point have nothing to do with a gun or rifle? It is just a small symbol that is available in different forms, such as a bullet, diamond, symbol, square, Arrow, and dots, many more. Choose the one that is interesting to you to get added in mid of your text that highlights key points related to the topic which are easy to read and understand. If you are using a Windows device, press Alt Key with a combination of numeric keypad numbers and use Unicode symbols for HTML documentation or presentation. If using any other instrument such as Mac, then best use their character map tools. Enjoy your writing to highlight the text with impressive designs or symbols.