hibiscus flower spiritual meaning

Hibiscus Flower Spiritual Meaning

Hibiscus flower- Spiritual and symbolic meanings

The concept of treating flowers as symbols for the expression of various thoughts started way back centuries ago. Flowers do symbolize the struggling phase of humans and also symbolize happy and joyful stages as well. Thus, each of the flowers is associated with a specific meaning with hidden symbolism. There is more than one hibiscus flower spiritual meaning, let’s find out more about those here.

Hibiscus is an attractive and vibrant flower with beauty all over. Read here in detail to know the hibiscus flower’s spiritual meaning and symbolism to decipher the actual message from the flower. The symbolism is usually built with lore as a basis across various cultures and traditions. Each culture surfaces with different meanings attributed to hibiscus, yet there are commonalities about what it is symbolizing.

The symbolism of hibiscus flowers

  • Feminism: The hibiscus flower depicts the energy of females and all that is relevant to feminine aspects.
  • Charm: Hibiscus flower stands as a perfect symbol of beauty that is usually implicated to a woman. Every woman would hold the charm both in and out similar to hibiscus.
  • The hibiscus represents the tenderness and being delicate. This flower also depicts the epitome of admiration and adoration towards a person, just like the lotus flower.
  • The symbolism of glory and being royal is often attributed to hibiscus.
  • Youthful stage and beauty are best linked to the hibiscus flower that teaches us it is only for short duration and so makes each moment enjoyable.
  • Though flowers wither, they fight the adversity and grow once again. This fact points out that adversities are common in life and you need to fight back standing strong.
  • Each color of hibiscus flowers is associated with a unique meaning teaching a unique lesson to humanity. White hibiscus indicates a pure and feminine nature. The yellow hibiscus upholds being happy, luck and positivity. The pink flower represents deep friendship and love. The purple hibiscus stands for intelligence, glory and mysterious situations. Red hibiscus symbolizes passion and love.
  • The hibiscus stands to project fame and gives a hidden message that fame is inconsistent or not durable.
  • The secret sign you receive from hibiscus is to utilize each moment and have fun with life to the maximum possible extent when it still lasts.
  • It is believed that the hibiscus flower is listed as a more feminine flower that represents a perfect wife or a perfect woman.
  • Gifting hibiscus to a person symbolizes the acknowledgment of the beauty and delicate nature of the person who is taking it.
  • The hibiscus represents extravagance and extraordinary features.
  • This flower symbolizes the love and affection between family members, friends, and others. The hibiscus flower stands as a perfect statement of your feelings towards the others.
  • Hibiscus flowers are gentle and even symbolize passionate relationships. This is a perfect gesture of true love and emotions marking the sincerity.
  • The vital human traits like honesty are perfectly projected with a hibiscus. This flower sparks the optimistic side in you in dealing with harsh situations of life.
  • The unpredictability of life is represented with a hibiscus. It motivates you to spend quality time with your loved ones.
  • The hibiscus represents remembering the missed loved ones, and you never feel low with their absence. You get to feel that they surround you.

Spiritual meaning of hibiscus

The hibiscus connects you to the spiritual world with its warmth, and you experience the vitality of life. The flower lifts your spirit by clearing the ways of the chakra within you, creating a sense of reclaiming, and you would reconnect with your authentic soul.

  • The hibiscus flower allows the perfect integration of soul and body, thereby letting you feel to explore life. You feel passionate about your life, and your soul becomes free from being judged.
  • The human mind gets effected by the stereotypical mentalities and perceptions of others subconsciously. At this context, the hibiscus gets you relieved from such unwanted stuff.
  • You feel the release from trauma or another mental burden with this flower. It seems to help both men and women in such adverse situations.
  • You receive the spiritual message that you would get all the happiness, love and smile that you yearn in your life.
  • You are directed to open up and broaden your horizons without any limitations. You would be motivated towards exploring the world with a positive attitude.
  • This flower stimulates your wisdom and helps in the restoration of your soul.
  • You would be awakened to realize the essence of life and would start thinking in a more balanced way even in rough circumstances. The flower helps in reconstructing your inner self from the shock or grief.
  • The hibiscus motivates you to feel relaxed and fight the limitations that you have created for yourself. You are well inspired to defend from the vulnerabilities of previous generations.
  • The hibiscus flowers inhibit the unwanted surfacing of emotions that lead to demeaning yourself, inability to identify your worth, etc. The clutter of negative thoughts is pushed out of your mind.
  • You would be clear at your thoughts and start to enlighten yourself, to enjoy the fun of life. You get to come out of the clutches of human suffering and would be propelled towards bliss and happiness.
  • Your soul starts to relate to the divinity and seeks the peace from within with clear thoughts guiding you regarding the creation and universe.
  • Hibiscus is believed to drive positivity in the surroundings, and the levels of creativity would reach their never-seen heights.
  • Another Hibiscus flower spiritual meaning is said to trigger the visualizing sense and power of imagining. Your soul would be aligned to your desires, and you get to feel content with your life.
  • Your daily routine turns out to be on a positive note with huge creativity unleashing with the entry of hibiscus. The force that is driving your life seems to appear as abundant.

The hibiscus sets out to ease your fears and would extend the required support from the universe. They help you to traverse through life which changes quickly. The hibiscus perfectly indicates the essence of reviving from the conditions through enlightening yourself.